TING-A-LING Flirt Skirt - Black Melange


The Flirt Skirt is certainly is just that, flirty! It's the kind of skirt that makes you want to skip puddles and twirl. This clean white skirt looks just as perfect with biker boots as it does with chunky heels. Constructed from a scuba jersey it has a circular hem with an edgy front pleat and closes at the back with a zip.

Ting is the creator of TING-A-LING & MOO LAB. TING-A-LING is a Fashion Label designed by Ting. Her ranges are a synthesis of everything she sees, read, hear, experience, think and do. TING-A-LING will take h you through an ongoing dialogue of creativity based around pieces designed. Self-described as “romanticism juxtaposed with street chic” Ting’s signature style will seduce you. TING-A-LING will be an ever-changing monument to defiant youth, natural wisdom, and feminine charm. MOO LAB is a partnership between husband and wife duo, Ting and Julian Moo. These Melbourne- based entrepreneurs have eyes trained for style. Products are designed with style in mind yet functionality is the Key. Take Me Anywhere is the Motto.

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